Small, subtle differences in the characteristics of the glass cutting wheel and in the pressure ultimately applied to the glass surface can have a substantial effect in the success of the score, the quality of the cut edge, and minimizing your scrap rate. Selecting the best wheel geometry is only part of the success formula; only consistency of all of the critical dimensions score after score, wheel after wheel will allow you to optimize your process.

MacInnes PRO-SCORE® wheels perform with consistency because:

  • There is a unique marriage of tungsten carbide grade and a tightly controlled tip finish at the cutting edge
  • All dimensions are held within extremely tight tolerances
  • All axle holes are polished to produce smooth movement while scoring
  • Each and every wheel is mounted and tested on glass to insure reproducible performance




Pro-Score® carbide wheels are manufactured to very close tolerances.



Wheel Code

125 532 732 380 500

Actual Dimensions

Outside Diameter .125-.130″ 3.18-3.30mm .165-.168″ 4.19-4.27mm .225-.228″ 5.72-5.79mm .380-.385″ 9.65-9.78mm .500-.505″ 12.70-12.83mm
Inside Diameter .055-.057″ 1.40-1.45mm .055-.057″ 1.40-1.45mm .055-.057″* 1.40-1.45mm .093-.095″ 2.36-2.41mm .093-.095″ 2.36-2.41mm
* Note – The 732 wheel is available with an .093-.095″ as a special order.



MacInnes Tool Corporation uses a specially formulated ultra fine-grain tungsten carbide exclusively for both glass cutting wheels and axles. Harder and much more wear resistant than steel, this proprietary grade has been sintered under high pressure to maximize transverse rupture strength (resistance to fracture) and to retain its edge longer than conventional carbide. PRO-SCORE® wheels can be resharpened without sacrificing quality of score.

Pro-Score® carbide wheels are offered in three surface finishes suitable for a range of glass formulations and cutting conditions.



Regular (220 Grind)

is the first choice for the vast majority of applications offering a good blend of traction and durability.


Coarse (180 Grind)

should be considered for irregular surfaces or work-piece geometries such as lamp tubes. Ease of application is improved but at the sacrifice of resistance to wear.



should be considered to achieve the highest quality and strongest edges for mirror glass, solar (heat absorbing) glasses, coated and various specialty glasses.

wheel_sizes_chartCOMMON TO ALL WHEEL SIZES


newinsid– Range of Included Angles Available ——– 90° – 163°
– Tolerance of Specific Angle Ordered — +/- 30 minutes”
– Wheel Thickness ————- .042 – .043″ 1.07 – 1.09mm
– Location of Center Line ————- +/- .0005″ +/- .01mm

Inspections for dimensional conformance are made at each step in the manufacture of the wheel assuring our customers of consistent quality from wheel to wheel, shipment to shipment.

Since the included angle is so critical in demanding high volume glass production or fabrication, technicians at MacInnes Tool continuously check the angle using state of the art microscopy and video inspection techniques to make sure the angle is accurate and centered on the wheel. In addition, each and every wheel is painstakingly mounted and used to actually test cut glass. You are assured of getting a quality wheel that cuts smoothly, straight and without “skips.”

There is an optimum combination of wheel angle, wheel size and surface finish for every piece of equipment, every application. MacInnes technicians will work with you to determine what works best in your equipment. We do not subscribe to the theory that “one size fits all” or that five degrees angles increments are adequate. Over fifty years we have been in the business of manufacturing tools for cutting glass. The geometries in the table on the preceding page have proven to be the most popular. We stock each of these items to support our general customer base without any additional charge.