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We are pleased to introduce to you the MACINNES TOOL CORPORATION

a company focused on developing and refining precision glass cutting wheels and wheel holding systems for the glass processing industries for over fifty years. Our mission remains unchanged: To supply glass cutting instruments consistently of the highest quality and precision, in a timely and professional manner. You can rely on MacInnes Tool Corporation to be a trouble-free, risk-free supplier.

Timothy S. Haines



The use of a tungsten carbide wheel remains the fastest and most economical method for “cutting” glass, although the term “cutting” is actually a misnomer. In this process, the wheel is actually used to score (produce a vent in) the glass. The vent introduces stresses that allow propagation of a break having desired breakout and edge quality characteristics.

Success is dependent on the ability to maintain accurate and consistent control throughout the entire process. The pressure applied to the wheel, and thus the glass, must be precisely controlled. The angle and the diameter of the wheel must be tuned to the method of application, the pressure, and the type and thickness of the glass. The surface texture (grind) of the wheel should permit skip free operation but not be so coarse as to adversely affect edge quality or wheel life. Also, it is crucial that the wheel and cutter system track smoothly. Each component of the system must be held to very tightly controlled tolerances in order to achieve the best and most predictable and reproducible results.

MacInnes Tool Corporation offers wheels in over fifty stocked configurations to meet the needs of your application. MacInnes PRO-SCORE® wheels are manufactured from specially formulated micrograin tungsten carbide. A secret of the wheel’s success lies in the unique finish of our cutting edge which only our own technicians and machinery have been able to produce. The combined formulation and tip finish result in a wheel that makes a clean light cut and has a very long life. Our wheels are manufactured holding each dimension to exacting tolerances; our wheel angles are precisely controlled using state of the art microscopy and video gauging systems. Finally, each and every wheel is mounted and inspected by scoring on glass to assure trouble-free application in your process.
Optimizing the cutting performance for a specific process often requires some experimentation to determine the best wheel configuration. Our Product Specialists will be pleased to assist you in choosing the right wheel for your job. Please also refer to our “Technical Guide for Glass Cutting” for additional information.

Mounting the wheel on a machine or cutting device requires the same attention to exacting tolerances and detail. For this reason, MacInnes Tool Corporation has developed the MACTO™ line of Wheel Mounts with precision Quick Change Inserts and long-wearing tungsten carbide axles. Our Technicians are ready to assist you in selecting from our extensive line of pillar posts and units and to develop custom holders as needed to meet your exacting requirements.

MacInnes Tool Corporation offers its products and customer service with performance, reliability and quality assurance that are unequaled in the industry. We ask you to try us and compare for yourself. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results. Insure success with PRO-SCORE® wheels and MACTO™ holders and replacement parts.

For the Hobbyist

MacInnes Tool Corporation manufactures Pro-Score® carbide glass cutting wheels and Macto™ tools for industrial use. We have a $100.00 Minimum order requirement which makes it difficult to handle small orders.

We suggest that you contact Sunshine Glassworks Ltd. for our products. They sell Pro-Score® Handles and carbide glass cutting wheels. They handle retail and wholesale orders and accept credit cards. They also sell a variety of additional products and can advise you about scoring and working with glass in non-industrial applications.

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