Sharpening Service

//Sharpening Service

Re-Sharpening Services

Wheel re-sharpening has become a subject of growing interest to some of our customers. Experience has shown there is no loss in the quality and productivity of re-sharpened wheels when compared to new wheels. To meet MacInnes’ high standards, our wheels may be re-sharpened 3-4 times (depending on the angle) and they will retain the same performance characteristics as new wheels.

It is our very high precision and close manufacturing tolerances that make it possible for us to re-sharpen our wheels successfully and economically. Re-sharpened wheels are actually processed through our finishing operations in the exact same manner as new wheels. The resulting re-dressed wheels are of the same quality as new except that the OD is about .003-.005 inch smaller than the original.

We will re-sharpen only MacInnes wheels and require a minimum quantity of 20 wheels all of the same angle. The savings of such a program is approximately 35% when compared to using all new wheels. Contact us for more details or help in setting up a re-sharpening program at your plant.

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