MACTO™ Wheel Mounts

//MACTO™ Wheel Mounts

Because of the long life and high precision of its Black Diamond and PRO-SCORE® Carbide Glass Cutting Wheels, MacInnes Tool Corporation exercises great care in the design and manufacture of its Wheel Mounts. These mounts have been proven over many years to be versatile in function over a wide range of cutting applications and to be extremely reliable and durable in use. All wheel slots are plunge ground square to the axle and on the absolute center line of the stem. Our ground slot gives you more wheel life and better cuts, especially on pattern or circle cutting. All UNITS and PILLAR POSTS are available with oil holes through them.

MacInnes MACTO™ WHEEL MOUNTS perform with consistency because:

All UNITS, PILLAR POSTS and Inserts are manufactured from hardened tool steel The designs are uncomplicated yet versatile, reliable and durable All dimensions are held within extremely close tolerances All wheel slots are plunge ground square to the axle and on the absolute center line of the stem.

We offer over 100 different styles of UNITS and PILLAR POSTS. We also specialize in making custom mounts to meet your particular requirements.

MACTO™ UNITS and PILLAR POSTS have center caster offsets available from zero to .250 inch. Caster allows the wheel to align itself with the direction of the cut. MACTO™ UNITS also have swivel for either straight cutting or patterns with swivel restrictions available down to 3 degrees.

MACTO™ UNITS and PILLAR POSTS usually come with precision Quick Change Inserts featuring carbide axles. The Inserts are all interchangeable in the posts. Customers have reported increased wheel life of up to 30%, and wheels may be resharpened more times and used to a smaller diameter with these Inserts. The precision Quick Change Inserts can be adapted to any type of wheel holder.

When very high precision cutting and close tolerance repeatability is a requirement, we recommend a WHEEL MOUNT without an insert to ensure that the cutting edge of the wheel will be within .001 inch of the center line of the stem.

MACTO Wheel Mount Views

covc This is a cutaway view of a popular MACTO™ UNIT U850-430 SP. It is available with 1 bearing and spring action as shown, or with 2 bearings and no spring for more support. The thrust ball in the barrel takes all of the cutting thrust force which gives longer life to the radial bearing. This UNIT is available with restricted swivel, and either a 5/8- or 3/4-inch barrel.
Shown here is a PILLAR POST in common use that has a .250-inch diameter ground stem 3/8-inch long that is press fit into a bearing. The PILLAR POST has caster, a precision Quick Change Insert, and an oil hole through to the wheel. Also available and in common use is the same style PILLAR POST, but with a .249-inch diameter ground stem for a slip fit into a bearing, and a groove in the shaft for a retaining ring to hold the post in place. covc2
expodvew This MACTO™ UNIT has 2 bearings for stability, an inner thrust ball, an 8-mm diameter stem, caster, a precision Quick Change Insert, a side-oil tube, and either restricted or 360-degree swivel.